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Phone Filming: Capture Professional-Quality Video On Your Phone Or Tablet



Do you want to film a vlog, interview, e-course lecture, short film, or even an artsy nature expose? Even if you don't have any professional equipment or experience, this class is for you.

In this class, I will show you how to use your phone or tablet to take professional-quality video. You will learn about basic composition, lighting techniques, video editing, manual and digital stabilization, color grading/correction, advanced post-processing skills, creating titles, and how to manually set shutter speed, ISO, and focus to capture great-looking video.

While I will use specific software throughout the class, the general concepts you will learn can be applied to a wide variety of software and devices. Some software I use for advanced editing might be more expensive than what some people would like, but don't worry; I will provide many free and inexpensive alternatives for each tool wherever possible!

You will need a phone, tablet capable of capturing video. (A device that can capture in a minimum of 720p is recommended, but not required) Even though the techniques you will learn can be applied to many kinds of devices, an Android or iOS device is strongly recommended, as many of the tools I will be showing are for these platforms. If you have a suitable device, you can learn to understand:

  • Basic composition
  • Lighting techniques
  • Video editing
  • Manual and digital stabilization
  • Color correction
  • Basic title making
  • Manual ISO, shutter speed, and focus

For some advanced processing and editing, you will need a device such as a desktop PC or laptop, capable of running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. This is required to learn:

  • Advanced digital stabilization techniques
  • Advanced post-processing skills
  • Advanced title making
  • Advanced color grading and correction


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