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Phoenix Limited

About: One year in high school, I went through some personal problems that took a real toll on my mental health. It was rough, but I had to fight through these problems and not give up. I eventually got through these obstacles, but a few months later I decided to create a clothing brand with the same message that I told myself each morning: Always persevere through hardships. I wanted to share my message with others and I've always wanted to have my own brand, so I thought it was the perfect way to try and convey it. I decided to donate part of the proceeds to the suicide foundation. So what Phoenix is all about is not giving up even when things get tough and always push through obstacles because things do get better.

Slogan: Overcome and Persevere

I came up with this as the main logo:


Overcome and Persevere


My First Donation

This is a picture of my brand's first donation to the Suicide Prevention Foundation.

OG Phoenix Tees

The Lotus Flower

This flower symbolizes rebirth in Egyptian culture and comes back to life every morning. Like the Phoenix, the lotus never dies. My brand is all about not giving up and persevering through obstacles and i've always loved floral patterns. So, I found a way to combine the two and hopefully still communicate my message.

A possible release for the fall, this is what it would look like on a shirt. I chose navy as the shirt color because I think it accents the pink in a very good way. I think the pink on the shirt pops and is very attractive. 


I've always wanted to do a camo design because it is one of my favorite prints, but also because the military has a lot to do with my message. They persevere through anything and a camo print is a good homage to the military and to spread my message.

This is a picture of what the design would look like on a basic, white t-shirt. I really like this so I'm thinking about doing this for the fall.

Facebook: Phoenix Limited

Twitter: @PLTDClothing

Instragram: pltdclothing


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