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Phoebe Reid

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Phoebe's map of a day in DC

I have twin nieces that were born the day after Christmas. It used to be, when they were younger, that the three of us would board the train in Richmond and take a daytrip to DC to celebrate their birthday and enjoy the holiday hoopla sometime in the week before Christmas. Some years we'd go the National Zoo, some years we'd go to the Smithsonian museums, some years we'd go shopping and exploring in Georgetown. As they grew older and got jobs and got boyfriends and started college our DC December daytrips became infrequent until finally a few years went by without  one at all. This year they are turning 23 and this year they decided that they wanted to take another daytrip for their birthday. We spent the day shopping in Georgetown, visiting the National Christmas tree and popping into a few museum gift stores. We had lunch, we had cupcakes, we had a really fantastic day. This will be my map of where we went during the day and what we saw and what we did. I'm making this map as a reminder of a happy day, for me, and for my nieces.



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