What is Phinklife?

Phinklife is a social enterprise that is focused on creating a social platform that builds online and real-life communities that shares inspiring knowledge. These communities are meant to create meaningful experiences that inspire, teach and support people’s untapped potential/passion.

What Phinklife aims to do is provide you the tools to be you; to help find the person you want to be. 


What is Phinkology? 

It’s our philosophy about living life in a way that has purpose, happiness and passion.

It’s the idea of you living your life filled with meaningful experiences.

At the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters? (And finding a way to pay your bills in a happier way).


The Origin of Phink

So what’s with the name Phink? (No, not Fink).
Phink is actually a compound word made up of:

1) PHI Φ,
which comes from from The Golden Proportion and Fibonacci Numbers.
The Golden Proportion, Fibonacci wha?
Basically, the Golden Proportions means balance and harmony.
The Fibonacci Numbers indicate perpetual growth.
Both these principles are observed in the designs of life.

think, think·ing, adjective, noun, verb (used without object)
1. to have a conscious mind, to some extent of reasoning, remembering experiences, making rational decisions, etc.
2. to employ one’s mind rationally and objectively in evaluating or dealing with a given situation
3. to have a certain thing as the subject of one’s thoughts
4. to call something to one’s conscious mind
5. to consider something as a possible action, choice, etc.

With these ideas in mind, we came up with a new word:
Phi + Think = Phink.

Our Mission

To Create a World Where Everyone Can Live to Their Fullest Potential

Our Vision

  • To create a global brand and movement to inspire people to truly live the way they want to; with passion and purpose
  • To create an online and offline platform that helps people discover who they are, go anywhere in life and achieve any goal
  • To create human centric solutions that harnesses individual passion and integrates it into organizational efforts to generate massive social value

Our Goals

We are a group of engineers, consultants, programmers, photographers and aspiring artists who got together and saw a chance to help others create personal change for the better, by embracing the things we truly enjoy doing in life. In other words, it’s a social movement of dreams truly becoming reality, from barely living to being self-aware and helping each other along the way.

Ultimately, we believe that it’s time to be you.

Projects & Milestones for 2012

Q1 - Created 3 unique processes/framework for 3 corresponding workshop

Q2 - Created first social campaign (see link below)

Q3 - Design human experience framework for organization transformation to increase engagement level (ongoing)

Q4 - Design solutions for a university student club to study and enhance student engagements through their school career (ongoing)


Website: www.phinklife.org (under redesign to convey better flow and clarity of messaging)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/phinklife

Twitter: @phinklife


Campaignhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZeUnhW1zjg (an attempt where we went out to the public to perform a social experiment - story and contexts are not reflected on current website)

Problems we have been facing

Due to our uniqueness of legal structure - nonprofit as parent brand and identity + for profit (R&D on social tech platform but under design and development phase) - we have encountered alot of challenges acquiring funding from investors ranging from VCs, Angels, Governments, etc. Currently, we are self funded and are seeking for impact investors which are more concerns with SROI.

Our goals are very very broad, and because we don't have a specific product/service (technically we do..."Passion") - but similar to design thinking, we focus on human experiencial designs - but it's very hard to communicate from a nonprofit and for profit angle at the same time. As we seperate our identities, it establishes more clarity but become harder to manage as a startup social enterprise.


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