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Philly Streets

So I got to watch these class videos over the weekend and I was immediately inspired to go out to take pictures. I've just upgraded to a sony a6000 last week so this was perfect for me to test out the new camera. Hope you guys enjoy my project gallery.

1. Look up
I really like this look up because of the reflection of the other building. Captured this while walking around center city around 7am.

2.Street Portrait
I don't know why I felt so drawn to this alley way but I stood there for a few minutes to catch this guy rushing by, probably on his way to work.

3. Night Photography
Or.. Early morning photography. This was taken right before the sun came up. Small street filled with stores in center city.

Some more night photography..
I don't know why I felt so compelled to take a picture of this store. I loved how it was just a small vintage looking food market smacked dabbed into the middle of a modern city block. 

4. Motion blur
Taxi! Wait up!.. I'm done with todays photo session, take me home!


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