It was an unusually sunny day for early December. Brown Street, once a main road in Dayton, is quiet and motionless. Christmas decorations already adorn the historic houses, bars, offices, and faux historic light poles that line the sidewalk. Phil house isn’t any exception.

 I don’t live far from Phil, but he noticed me cross the street and is already standing by his open door welcoming me in. He lives in a grand two-story brick house with a big yard that parallels the main road. The roofline is tall and lined in green trim, the doors and window frames match the front porch which takes it’s cue’s from the late 1900s when the original house was built.

The house is split into two, thanks to an addition that Phil built with the help of neighborhood kids back in the 70s. Phil lives in the smaller half and Richard, the closest thing Phil has to a son, lives in the other half with his wife and two kids.


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