Amanda Pike

Senior UX Designer



Philadelphia Public Arts Center

Philadelphia Public Arts Center

The Philadelphia Public Arts Center (PPAC) is a fictional Arts & Cultural Non-Profit Organization based in South Philly. PPAC hosts workshops, lectures, art openings, and awards grants to artists working on projects that support PPAC's mission to capture and preserve local heritage through public art projects and events. PPAC relies on the generous support of its donors and partners to fund its operations. 

Competitive Review

I analyzed the organizational schemes, UI design patterns, and target audiences for the websites of the Abington Arts Center, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Kimmel Center.

Target Audience

Below is a persona representing a target user group, an art enthusiast who may be a potential donor.

Content Inventory

Below is a content inventory for the PPAC website.

Recruiting Brief for Cart Sort

The participants of the cart sorting study will be representative of our target audience and will possess many of the following attributes:

  • Between the ages of 26 and 55
  • Live and/or work in Philadelphia, PA
  • Income of 75k or above
  • Interest in art or art education
  • Familiarity with the local arts community
  • History of chartitable giving
  • Invested in community development
  • Previous non-profit volunteer experience

  • Card Sort Pilot

    Below is a screen shot from the pilot run of the card sorting exercise.

    Card Sort Study

    Below is a dendrogram and similarity matrix displaying the results of the OptimalSort Card Study.

    Site Map Outline

    Below is an outline of the visual site map based on results from the card sort study, competitive review, and persona.

    Visual Site Map

    Below is a visual site map for PPAC (made with Slickplan).

    Home Page Wireframe


    Coming Soon!


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