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Philadelphia Eagles Design

I'm looking to design a new set (home, away, alternate) for my beloved (and often frustrating!) Philadelphia Eagles. Having lived in the Philly area most of my life, I am an Eagles fan through and through, and I believe there's an opportunity here with a new coaching staff in place and a new style of play on the horizon. Philly is known for its history and its neighborhoods; its arts and culture and its rugged sports fans. Plenty to go on - I look forward to sharing more.

Below is my Mood Board for this project. Along with several different Eagles' uniforms from the past, I've also incorporated a few things about Philadelphia - its rowhomes, ties to the Revolutionary War, the Liberty Bell, and the famous Boathouse Row. In addition, I found a neat old program from the 1960 NFL Championship Game vs the Green Bay Packers, which the Eagles won as their last championship to date.

Mood Board aftermath

I spent some time thinking about what my personal preferences were for a new uniform and was conflicted a bit, as I wanted to be modern but also classic at the same time. Some questions that came to mind: If I bring back an element from a losing era, would that be frowned upon by fans, consumers, the organization? What if I incorporated a new color - like brown, for instance - would THAT be frowned upon too?

I definitely struggled to adhere to my Mood Board - certain elements quite frankly don't translate to a uniform, in my opinion, unless it's explicitly stated that there's some sort of a link through the symbolism used. That said, if I were to go backwards, my mood board would probably mostly consist of  stripe inspirations, favorite looks in the NFL beyond just the Eagles, and perhaps some dislikes and other things I wanted to stay away from.

I think it also goes without saying that the technology behind a new uniform would mimic that of the latest Nike technology (although it won't be evident in my ultra-novice Microsoft Paint skills!) - at the same time, I am more about the aesthetics than form taking on function - in the real world, if my design wouldn't be realistic, I'd expect there to be changes, albeit minor ones (hopefully).

Design to follow in the next day or so - as I am a novice with computer aided design, it's been a slow process to translate my ideas onto the computer screen, and I wanted to give this more than just a pencil on paper attempt.

In the meantime, if you made your way through this diary of sorts, I'd love to hear any feedback and would love to know if anyone has had similar thoughts or reactions thus far.


Here's my first go at it. Things to note:

1. Took away the black from the color scheme. The Eagles brought in black as an outline in the 80s and then used it more in the trim and alternate jerseys with their latest set. I wanted to return to a color palette similar to that of the early 80s.

2. That said, I brought back the Kelly green. Needed to be done and reflects more of what the people of Philly prefer.

3. I kept the white wings on the helmets, but essentially I am going for the 80s/90s look of the helmet, just reversing the grey wings and white outline.

4. The stripe treatment matches that of the late 70s/early 80s striping. I felt it was important to bring back a stripe design, as most of the classic looks in the league have stripes.

5. Different color TV numbers on the home jersey.

6. It was once noted that the Eagles looked a lot like the Jets, hence why they went with midnight green in 1996. Well, they ended up looking more like the Jets, as they started wearing green pants and white pants. I brought back the silver/grey pants option and kept the white pants option that would look great in a road set.

7. No logo on the uniforms - I'm not a fan of their current one, and felt the Eagles wings on the helmet would be logo enough.

8. I did use the old "EAGLES" wordmark though for the collar.

Let me know what you think!


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