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Wesley Eggebrecht

Illustrator / Designer



Phidias Gold

Name: Wesley Eggebrecht & Ryan Eggebrecht

Location: Boston MA

Being a brand that focuses on art and design, the origin of the name Phidias Gold comes from two things: 

Phidias – The Greek sculptor, painter and architect. He is looked at as one of the greatest sculptures of the ancient world and sculpted the statue of Zeus, one of the ancient wonders of the world. 

Gold – Phidias was said to have been the first artist to utilize the Golden Ratio (golden section) in his art helping him create perfect proportion and images that are naturally pleasing to the human eye. He was also said to have stolen gold while creating the sculpture Athena Parthenos and then died in prison because of it.

Who is Phidias Gold?

Taking after the 9 Greek muses which gave people the necessary inspiration for creating, Phidias Gold follows as the 10th Muse—The Muse of Visual Art. Phidias Gold is here to inspire art in the modern era by showcasing talented artists, and being the brand that creative individuals wear.

Logo usage on a large scale.

Logo usage on a small scale.

The Creative Kid.

Phidias Gold’s key consumer is the kid that has a drive, passion, respect and an appreciation for art and design. The kid who expresses creativity through the clothes he wears to the things he does and creates. The individual that acquires specific clothing based on well executed designs, not just the brand name and status attached to them. The kid who looks to us for inspiration before expressing his creativity.

Phidias Gold handmade resin toys.

Stack the Deck gallery show mural.

Phidias Gold paper toy show.



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