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Phase One + Two + Three

I'm trying to tell a bit of a story in a few parts:

  1. I love photography
  2. I photograph love
  3. You will love my photography
  4. my photography stands out.

Let's see if I can do that.


Phase One

#1.  Corpid Condensed Roman + Light, Light Italic, 8pt + 10pt

#2.  Corp Condensed Roman 8pt + Heavy 8pt on the left, Corp Condensed Light, 10pt on the right.

#3.  24pt (enormous) Neutraface Light /Lt Ital + 9pt Neutraface light / Medium (not so enormous)

#4.  neutraface, light + demi in a variety of pt sizes to fit in 1 column on a 5 column grid. 

#5.  neutraface book italic + demi, 18pt, neutraface book + light, 9pt


Phase Two

Miller Text, 9pt/12. Roman, Italic, Bold Italic, and Bold. 

Still Miller. I very much like Matthew Carter. 


Phase Three

#1.  This is just obscene. Trying to shake out all the bad ideas, but there's just so many of them! 

#2. The grey is just the background from Preview view mode. I think I'm still trying too hard.
Brown just doesn't say "love" like I want it to.

#3. I disassembled a wood-ornament vector image in AI and copy/rotate/repeated the image to create a feminine, romantic swirled background image. 
For the type/logo section, I modified Lavanderia to have a little less swash in the beginning of the 'L' and the end of the 'e'. 
Then I modified Archer Bold by making a 50% grey fill, converting to outlines, pasting the same outlines over itself, slightly offcenter, and cutting the front to make a drop shadow. I separated the drop-shadow just a hair away from the black text, to give it a slight white line between them.
The information below is set in Archer Bold and Neutraface Book, 9pt /12. 

Better than the brown, perhaps.

#4. The answer to my question: compound paths.  Though I'm not sure if the background is competing too much with the type on the right. 


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