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Phase 5 Pattern Workshop: Building Portfolio

Hi! My name is Keera, and I'm a quilter, designer and blogger based in southern Queensland, Australia. I am mum to two beautiful little girls, and wife to my farmer husband. We live in a truly beautiful place, and I'm blessed to be working on the things that make me truly happy and that I am beyond passionate about. For as long as I can remember I have loved fabric, and getting to live and work in such a gorgeous location and with this medium everyday is what inspires me. 

I am working towards my dream of having my own fabric collections, and helping others to fall in love with fabric; with colour and with pattern. I'm having so much fun and am so excited to be working on some new collections in this Pattern Workshop! 

My first collection is Daisy Days: 


this collection is all about lazy Sunday's, playtime in the garden, daisy-chains and impromptu tea-parties. It is inspired by my girls, and the freedom of a child's imagination. 

I started out with this as my focal print: 


After Bonnie's feedback I went back to my true comfort and started to cluster the motifs into posies - resulting in this print in my two colourways:



I got so excited about this collection - it's been the one I've been dreaming out since the first phase of the workshop. I loved how the concepts came together, and with several patterns yet to go, I'm really happy with the direction its going. I've started to put these into a digital portfolio, with plans to print and bind hard copies once I have a 'book-full' of worthy designs (!). These prints are my co-ordinating prints for this collection:

Secret Garden (Honey colourway):


Daisy Chains (Honey colourway):


Tea Party - Sky colourway:


Ring-a-Rosies - Sky colourway: 


And my original inspiration board and motifs:



My second collection is Retro Flora:

I have tried to push my comfort a bit with this collection, and am wanting to push myself in terms of presenting big, bold geometric patterns. This collection is based on vintage florals, shift dresses and beehive hairdos. Its pyrex dishes, vinyl wallpaper and formica tables. Its a simple life exploding with colour. 


*Swatch shown at 65%



My third collection is Fallen:

A print based on the richness of autumn. It's colour, it's smell and it's feel. This collection is fallen leaves, colder weather and snuggling up tight. Its the change of a season in rust, red and gold, and a promise of delight. 




Looking forward to working on each of these prints more! 

Keera x 



Merry Little Christmas:

Inspried by Christmas wreaths, this design was created through sketches and doodles - I didn't have a plan for this design other than using it as a way to practice using my Wacom tablet and continue developing my signature style.

I love the simplicity of this colour palette - just one of the presets in the Illustrator program. 


The second colourway was one I developed myself when I was first colouring my motifs. 


I really enjoyed working with these motifs - I've used them in this years' Christmas card designs:


Hope you like! 

Keera x

See below for previous class and challenge work.

Red Gum Romance:

Completely inspired by gorgeous native flora and my home in rural Australia, I started to really take notice of the place and space around me for this pattern. I've been working on sketches for months, never really knowing if I was on the track to finding my 'signature style'. Its a tricky one, and like Bonnie says I feel like I should know this instinctively - like it should somehow just come to me, or 'just happen'. 

After signing up to the session Pattern to Portfolio, and re-watching this video class I'm certain that good things take time - so Red Gum Romance is just that - its me, having taken my time and really worked with motifs that I love, a colour palette thats rich and vibrant and a design process that I'm loving!

The beginning idea came from this image, taken on my iPhone in our backyard.


I worked on a colour palette first - drawing colours from photographs I had taken and those that reflected the world and the space around me. 

Red Gum Romance Inspiration Board:


These sketches are by no means perfect - I played with image trace, I tried to draw directly with my Wacom {I seriously need to practice with this!}, and in the end used Adobe Shape on my iPad to create vector shapes directly from my sketchbook. I love the free-ness of the lines and the authentic painterly look it gives them. 

Red Gum Romance Sketches:


I worked at grouping my motifs - basing each 'bouquet' around the protea shapes. I worked with three general bouquets, and then created smaller filler pieces to bulk the pattern up. I wanted this to be my large-scale main print for the collection so wanted to include all my drawn motifs in one way or another.

Large-Scale Main Print:


I'm pretty happy with the pattern - I have used all colours in this design so would like to try and work it so that I can have two general colourways for my collection in the next stage of the session. 

Alternate Colourways:



Like always - love Bonnie's classes - her talent is amazing, her guidance brilliant and her honestly and generosity are a true reflection of her beautiful soul. Thanks for viewing my project - hope you like! My first pattern project Rose Gold is following - 

Keera x 

Rose Gold:

In June last year I published a post on my blog about a dream, and a dilemma I had. Its no secret that I am fabric-obsessed. O.b.s.e.s.s.e.d! My studio is pure example of it, and my bank account agrees. It went a little something like this…

"It began {truthfully, probably ages ago} a couple of months ago when I received a bundle of precut fabric in the post, amidst all the early pregnancy exhaustion and morning sickness I couldn’t help but fall in love with the pretty packaged fat quarters and absentmindedly said to my husband:

‘I want to do this one day’
‘What, buy more fabric?’ was his reply, ‘you do do it… most days!’ {jokingly}
‘No, have my own fabric all bundled up beautifully and used by people all over the world to make gorgeous things’,
‘So do it’ was all he said in reply."

I did it. Or at least I’m one step closer! This class has been amazing, and something that I am thrilled to have been able to be part of. My husband was right, I was never going to know until I tried. I have, and I love it! I hope you all love it too!



Rose Gold is collection of my favourites. The colours, the shapes, the end result – all a culmination of ideas, thoughts and dreams. Rose Gold draws inspiration from the colour, the life and the beauty of my Mum’s garden. A place that brought me so much happiness as a child, and continues to do so for our family. So many weekend hours were spent here, and so many home-made flower bouquets made.


Before taking Bonnie's class, this collection was simply just a dream. Dreams of patterns and motifs that I may one day see printed. After working through the course, I picked up a sketchbook and drew for the first time in so long, and took to the garden with my camera, transferring those ideas, thoughts and dreams into this collection, and into something that I am so very proud of. A full process video and portfolio can be viewed here.










I’ve so many more designs floating around in my head, and the sketches for the next one are well and truly started.

I’ve still got so much to learn, and so much work to do –  but I’m loving it nonetheless and am super, super proud of this beginning. An idea which began as just that, has all of a sudden become real. Dreams into reality feels good!

Keera x


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