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Shanna Thunell




Phase 1 Project: Redesign Your Business Card

Hi Everyone! I decided to take this class because my current business card needs a redesign. I have a BFA in Graphic Design and an MA in Interior Architecture. Above is my current Business Card printed by moo cards LUX edition with cyan edge trim.

Using just type, I created 6 new designs. Let me know what you think! As I mentioned above, I have a BFA in Graphic Design and an MA in Interior Architecture (In the state of MA I can not call myself an architect because I don't have my license - therefore I list the service instead of calling myself an interior architect). Let me know what version you like and how you think I should list my services (design diciplines: graphic design, interior architecture, event management)

The slash element originated on my resume as a separation glyph and I carried it thoughout my branding. It reminds me of ski track in the snow ( since I'm an avid skiier) I also thought of it as a symbol for "both" graphic design and interior architecture, two design diciplines I practice. In design 5, I also made the correlation of the 2 L's in my last name.

Number 6 would include only my website on the back of the card. I was also thinking about adding a graphic element running across the top - ticks from an architectural ruler (making the card useful to other designers) but I belive that will happen in Phase 2 of this class.

Inspired by Miss Helvetica's business card design:

Excited to hear some feedback!


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