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Emma Bauso

designer // blogger // mother



Phase 1 Project Outline

I wanted to keep this really simple and really experiment with just the text and font weights, but I did experiment with varieties of grey in three of my designs.

The first one is really really simple, but I like the movement between the text and how the emphasis is on my name and what I do. It's out there, seemingly in a random spot, but I like that it's surrounded by white space because it represents confidence and simplicity, which are two things I'm continually striving for in my designs and in my daily life.

The second one is one of my two favorites. I am really a fan of centered text in a lot of design situations because it looks really organized and streamlined, and in this case I like that the smaller text creates a triangle shape. Centered text is also a good way to present a hierarchy of ideas with the most important as the first item, and each subsequent item becoming slightly less significant with the help of line weights and sizes.

The third one is the second of my two favorites because it sort of combines the reasons why I like the first two into one design. I like that my name and title appear to be separate from the rest of the information, and that it's obvious what part of the design is most important.

I'm not sure if I like the fourth design because it feels sort of imbalanced to me because my email is longer than my website address.

Thanks for viewing my project, any and all feedback is appreciated!


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