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Pharmacy Art Exhibit

I work at a Health Sciences Library, and today we are celebrating American Pharmacist's Month with a small reception and art exhibit. The a-frame chalkboard sign outside our door needed some pizzazz to catch everyone's attention. Even though this class is to create chalkboard lettering for your home, I decided to apply it at work.

Here are my initial sketches:


Then I moved on to sketching it all out on the chalkboard.


Finally I started thickening up the lines and adding shadows. Figuring out where the light hits is still a little tricky and I'll need more practice, but not bad considering that time was short and we needed to get this outside. I also tried to duplicate the design on the back, but it didn't turn out as well because the arrow needed to point the opposite direction.

Here's the backside where the spacing isn't quite how I like it:


Here's the "finished" product on the front side. It could have used a little more erasing, but I'm pretty happy with it. I hope more people look at this side this afternoon. :) 



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