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Pharaoh Johnny Cupcakes

Hello my name is RIcardo Cortez a graphic designer from the Art Institute of California-Inland Empire. I got into graphic design by my high school teacher. I took ROP Print Graphics my junior year and I was amazed of all the amazing things graphic design has to offer to the world. He told the graphic design makes up the whole world because of all the designs we see every single day in the streets, on our meals at a fast food restaurant and many other places. He opened my eyes and I knew what I wanted to do with my life and that was to become a graphic designer and work with clothing brands big or small. Then I wanted to create my owe clothing brand and have people around the world to wear my creativity on shirts. Then Johnny Cupcakes came along and the amazing story he has when he created his brand. I'm a big fan of Johnny Cupcakes. I enjoy the creativity he offers and he knows what is good and bad when coming up with different varieties to create the new line of clothing for the season. He recently came to my school to do one of his lectures and I was amazed of the things he talked about in his life. The concept that I came up with was anicent Egypt and how the Pharaoh's ruled the land and had different gods that they praised. And I want to show that in my concepts.

These are my rough sketches that I came up with for the concept.

This is my digital rough. There's still some minor things that need to be refine. I'm going to be working on that this week.


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