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Phantom Tollbooth

Second draft. I think the J is much more visibly a J. Do the stairs successfully look like they're wrapping around? Is the gradient mesh too much?

First draft in vector form. Thoughts?

Moving through some different ideas . . . . concluded on this one. See more sketches below. It's stairs winding up to the  [Castle in the] sky, with a pathway at the bottom. The pathway may change into more stairs . . . not sure yet. I think this looks like a J, though it is a skinny, zig zaggy, little thing. Thoughts?

The spyglass idea . . . having a hard time rendering it pencil. But, not spending much time in development with this one anyway. Haven't gotten feedback about it, so I might abandon it. We'll see.

Just more sketches. 

At one point, Milo meets a boy his age named Alec while driving through the woods. Instead of growing up, Alec grew down and would grow until his feet hit the ground. Alec gave Milo a spyglass as a gift and some advice - it's all in how you view things. 

Considering seeing the J through the lens of a spyglass. How to do a fisheye perspective with a j?

Milo must rescue Rhyme and Reason from the castle in the sky. To get there, the have to go up a stairway through the air. Considered putting a castle at the top of the J with a spiral staircase going down from it to finish the J.

Or a more simple idea would be leaving out the castle and focusing on the J staircase.

Feedback appreicaited! 

In a brainstorm.

One of my favorites growing up as a kid! Can't wait to re visit this book and remember why it was so captivating.


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