Petra's Odd Bodies

Petra's Odd Bodies - student project

Who else got lost in a spiral of learning new skills with Tom's classes?

Petra's Odd Bodies - image 1 - student project

So I started with the sketches like everyone and then figured out I need to learn how to use the pen tool better so I watched another one of Tom's classes - and now I think I kinda know what I'm doing and I'm having so much fun!

Petra's Odd Bodies - image 2 - student project

The first thing I did was this figure skater. It is really wonky but I like it for a first try. Petra's Odd Bodies - image 3 - student projectAfter I decided to switch it up because figure skater poses seemed too difficult and moved on to dancers. This is where the top photo is from and here is my final result:

Petra's Odd Bodies - image 4 - student project

Still a LOT to learn, I like the style of the bottom right one the best...there's something about their faces that doesn't feel finished to me but I've spent so much time on this project it was better to move on and practice more elsewhere.

Petra's Odd Bodies - image 5 - student project

Shapes were fun. I chose a simple rectangle and a puzzle piece. Not sure if my chosen "style" is odd enough for the odd bodies class. What do you think?

Petra's Odd Bodies - image 6 - student project

The last thing I did is this lady hugging a big cactus. It took considerably less time than the other projects because I already had some experience - so cool!


I really loved this class, the excercises and everything. It made me inspired to learn more and illustrate for fun and also made my self-quarantine a lot more fun.

I've found out that I need to learn and practice more to find my style. Also I need to learn to shade better.

Petra V.
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