Petit Pains au Chocolat at home

Petit Pains au Chocolat at home - student project

In this class, I will teach you how to use products from your local grocery store to create fresh and delicious breakfast pastries at home with minimal fuss.

You will learn how to make a style of traditional breakfast pastry called Petit Pains au Chocolat or Chocolatines and how to give them that fresh-from-the-bakery look and flavor.

This will be the first in a series of classes which will teach various recipes for fresh baked goods with the best possible quality for the smallest amount of effort.

  • Petit Pain au Chocolat ( also known as chocolatines)

These are the quintessential Belgian breakfast pastry. A light puff pastry dough with two lines of warm, gooey chocolate. This is my youngest son's favorite.

Class project:

Make one batch of petit pains and invite your friends or family over for breakfast to try out your new baking skills.

My class outline is viewable here:

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