Peter and the Wolf

My theme for this class is Peter and the Wolf.  It sort of snuck up on me while I was surfing around for Ukrainian folk art examples for another class.  So I found a few photos of young boys in Russian costume, some muskovy ducks, some European Bullfinches, etc.  And listened to the music and story while I worked.

This initial sketch is just in my sketchbook, and I don't think it will handle the watercolors well, so I'm going to redo him with a few tweaks onto WC paper before I add color.  I'm finding my 01 micron pen doesn't seem to be QUITE as fine as I'd like, and am going to have to look for the 005.  And I went out for a mixed media sketchbook today, but the only place open didn't have any.  So I'll twiddle around with the materials I have until I find what I want


I did it again, in color.  I learned a few things:  You can't get quite as nice a line with the pen on watercolor paper.  Peter looks better proportioned to seem younger.  I'm not very patient and tend to end up with a bit of bleeding because my paints are dry.  And if you work in front of the AC unit - you're going to get tide marks because things dry too fast.



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