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Peter Pan Minimalist Movie poster recreation

Hey Kids! 

Ellie here, letting you all know I just started the "Learn the ins and outs of illustrator" class with Brad Woodard where we take an ad or print and recreate it while learning adobe illustrator.

First task is to find an ad/print I would want to recreate.

hmmm I had to think about that for a minute, but then something popped into my mind.  I love the abundance of minimalist movie and TV show posters out there these days, so I decided to pick one that I really liked the style of, and one that I think I could showcase a few different skills that illustrator will help me achieve.  

The winner is this cool minimalist poster of the disney version of 'Peter Pan'  by Sam Novak- check out that original poster! It's awesome! 

I'm very excited to start this project and hope to do Novak proud with an equally beautiful recreation.  Can't wait to get started! 


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