Peter Pan // J. M. Barrie

Peter Pan // J. M. Barrie - student project

Hi there! I have chosen the book Peter Pan and the letter A.
I have been reading this book (golden book haha) to my son for the last 6 months every night, so this story is drilled into my head (something that I wished he would get into, which now I am regretting)


I am a big fan of Mary Blair so I was definitely drawn to one of her illustrations for the project.
Some of the references that I chose have a very magical feel to them. I also wanted to incorporate the map as I feel this was the heart of the story. So many different things are going on and I feel like the map tells a story of what happened and where.
I am not a big fan of using a gradient effect in my work, however I love how Mary Blair's skies are always portraying a feeling with the colours that she uses, so I thought that was something I could express in my version.

Peter Pan // J. M. Barrie - image 1 - student project

Peter Pan // J. M. Barrie - image 2 - student project

Peter Pan // J. M. Barrie - image 3 - student project

Peter Pan // J. M. Barrie - image 4 - student project

Brainstorm + First Sketch + Final Sketch

As well as incorporating the map, I also imagine what the scenery would be like in this magical place. I wanted to somehow involve the elements of the island; the underground house of Peter Pan, (Hangman's Tree) Mermaid Lagoon, The Jungle, the spooky waters around Skull Rock etc. 

The one thing my son got out of this story is the crocodile, so I really wanted to add this to the texture of my letter. Either the crocodile skin or mermaid/fish scales, I thought they could tie in together.
Pan's red feather: I thought about adding this dramatically large to show how he pretty much rules the island.

Peter Pan // J. M. Barrie - image 5 - student project

Peter Pan // J. M. Barrie - image 6 - student project

Final Piece 

I took a photo of the above sketch and traced over it with the pen tool in Illustrator.
I usually just use the pen tool without tracing or sketching, so this was a bit different for me, however I think this way is awesome & is definitely something I have been missing out on.
Going back to the gradient, I really wanted to show the island merging from the village, to the jungle into the crocodile skin. I added the stars as I really wanted this to have a magical feel, & thought just by changing one of them simply to represent Tinkerbell.
I fiddled around with the background colours a bit, then I came to this beautiful blue that represents Wendy's dress, so polished & neat.

Peter Pan // J. M. Barrie - image 7 - student project


Supriya Ramlu
Illustrator // Card Maker