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Peter Bradley Adams

I've always loved band posters and this course was a perfect way to get into it. Thanks Jesse!

I'm definitely not the best artist but I wanted to draw stuff out for this one. I hit random on my iTunes and landed on Peter Bradley Adams' "I'll Forget You" and the image that popped into my head was this. The song spoke to elements of isolation, leaving and a hint of future struggle so this panned out. I didn't end up very confident in the water "motion" elements but it felt too naked otherwise. 

My three colors are the dark blue, the pink, and the yellow. The brownish color comes from overprinting the pink on the blue, and the olive color comes from the yellow on the blue. I thought about doing the water motion in similar fashion to the way Jesse described having the black print over the other paint (giving it that glossy texture).

Here was my original sketch: 


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