Pet Portraits: Gidget

Pet Portraits: Gidget - student project

I am obsessed with my dog, so needless to say I was psyched when I saw this video series was released. So much fun! 

I used an 18-55mm with my Canon EOS Rebel T6i for these. We set up in my kitchen and taped two black posterboards to our cabinets (when I can get my hands on supplies, I totally want to make that matte black board!). This is my favorite shot from the first attempt, but her very long nose was blurry, so even though I really enjoy this I wanted to give it another go. 

Pet Portraits: Gidget - image 1 - student project


And here are a few from the second go-around, which make me laugh. Her ears and eyes are so emotive, and these really show her personality while trying her best not to fixate on the cookie in my hand....until, of course, I ask her if she wants it. 

Pet Portraits: Gidget - image 2 - student project

Pet Portraits: Gidget - image 3 - student project

Pet Portraits: Gidget - image 4 - student project

Thank you for another fun class, Tabitha!