First at all thanks to Tadas for the great Skillshare class and for taking the time to review each project uploaded here from other students. that means a lot to me since Im starting out on the world of lettering and I need to have a strong foundation for future projects, So thanks again Tadas!

The following project is a real business that Im starting out and the way I wanted this logo fits perfectly with this class, so I wanted to share the procces here to get honest feedback from the teacher and other students. Im from Colombia, currently living in Argentina. I will do my best to show the details of this process. So here we go.


Perzonalizart will be an online shop that sells custom printed gifts and is based in Rosario-Argentina. The word is in spanish and it means "customize". I did a couple of variations so instead of Personalizar that is the right way to write it, will be Perzonalizart with a "Z" and a final "T". The reason of this change is to set up another word into the logo that says "zona", it means "zone" in english. that is what Perzonalizart will do, to take pre-made items and customizing them by printing illustrations, pictures or texts into pre treated zones of the item. Think of a mug, a phone case or clothes. Those items can be printed (see below). Im not the owner of these images. this is just to illustrate the idea.


To give you a better idea of the products that Im talking about, here are some online shops that offer the same:

  1. shutterfly
  2. tinyprints
  3. snapfish


After some days of thinking about the direction this brand will take, I came up with the following moodboard with images from others artists, designers and websites. Some values or keywords that inspired me to get this moodboard were funny, fresh, friendly, custom.. (Im not the owner of these images).



I did several sketches across 3 pages of my sketch block. Some things to note about these is that I want the first letter be a nice and memorable part of this logo, since Im planning its use on one of the logo versions, just the letter "P". Also, the logo must work like Per-zona-lizart distributed in 3 lines (as seen on the last image of the sketches). this would be another logo version maybe for stamps or badges. Finally you can see that I'm exploring the idea of including graphic pattern as part of its identity. I plan to use the pattern for bags or wrapping paper, being this a part of the package ideas to deliver the products.


First page



Second page



Thiird page

More updates about this project on the next days.


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