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Perth Glory - Celebrating the Glory Days!

Football kit design has always been a hobby and interest of mine. I've primarily been using photoshop templates and using them in games like Football Manager when I got bored of the old kits. But now I want to have a go at making designs of my own and making kits for my favourite teams!

So my project will be to design new home, away, and third kits for my local team the Perth Glory who play in the Australian A-league. Being from a league thats not too well known world-wide I thought it would be a fun idea to give them some kick-ass kits and draw on some of the elements of past kits for inspiration!



Club History

The Perth Glory were founded in 1996 in the now defuct National Soccer League of Australia. When the competition was replaced with the rebranded 'Hyundai A-League' in 2005, Perth were one of only three teams that survived making it one of the oldest top tier professional football clubs in the country.

The club enjoyed great success towards the end of the NSL era, winning numerous Premierships and Championships (Finals Series winners) including the last two NSL Grand Finals in 2002/03 and 2003/04. In just 8 seasons, Perth featured in the finals 6 times, played in 4 Grand Finals, won 2 championships, and were crowned premiers 3 times, establishing a dynasty in Australian Football.

Coaching and ownership problems resulted in Perth struggling in the first few seasons of the A-League, as new clubs took the playing standard in the country to new levels which the Glory could not keep up with. Since the club was bought out by mining magnate Tony Sage in 2008, the club has gone on to make the Finals Series in three of the past four seasons, losing the 2011/12 Grand Final 2-1 in controversial circumstances to the Brisbane Roar.

With the Perth Glory back under private ownership and their long term future secure, the club are now looking to re-establish themselves as a powerhouse of Australian football and bring back the 'Glory Days'. 


Name, Club Colours and Badge

The idea behind the Perth's unique name and colours was to create a club with no ethnic overtones which symbolised the rebirth of football in the west of Australia. The sunburst in the emblem is characteristic of Perth's hot summers, while purple, orange and white were selected as club colours over more traditional combinations. Over the years Perth's badge has gone through several transformations:


Kit History


Perth's kit has always comprised of mainly purple shirt and shorts, with white and orange trim. In recent seasons the club has adopted purple and white stripes to symbolise a fresh start after difficult times in the beginning of the A-League and also to pay tribute to the Glory's foundation kit in 1996/97. The away kits have always been primarily white (something I might look to change in my designs)




I want to focus on celebrating the NSL days and acknowledging the fact that Perth are one of few A-League clubs with a history pre-2005. As the upcoming 2013/14 season will celebrate 10 years since Perth won the last ever NSL final, I think it is only fitting that I design a kit that pays tribute to that team. 

For the home kit I want to include small aspects of the 2002/03 and 2003/04 kits like the white sleeves with orange trim and maybe the sunbeam that has featured in a few kits. I like the white stripes in the newer kits so for now I'm going to keep them.


For the away kit I'm going to take inspiration from 2003/04 away kit since we won the Grand Final in that kit. It was an all white kit with purple sunbursts on the shoulders and on the shorts. Very simple but very iconic. The sunburst is something that is very unique to Glory kits and I think it gives us a sense of identity.

The third kit is going to be something a bit different, possibly a bit more futuristic rather than traditional. I'm gonna post up a few of my favorite football kits from other teams a bit later on. In terms of colours im thinking an all orange kit or black and gold (traditional sporting colours of Western Australia)



Third Kit

I'm going to be a bit unorthodox and do the kits in reverse order. I decided to move away from the club colours and use black and gold - the sporting colours of Western Australia. My idea for this would be that the club wears it for specific away games; and with Perth being the only WA team, it would create a sense of pride as it represents the entire state.

I also made use of the black swan, WA's traditional emblem as a watermark on the shirt, as well as on the back of the neck. This idea came from the new Seattle sounders kit which has the seattle needle embossed on it. In order to not ruin the swan graphic I moved the sponsor to the top left, as has been previously done on celtic and man city kits.

My concept needs a bit of refining for example the yellow trim, and competition logos etc.




Away Kit

For the away kit I've decided to take the 2004 NSL winning kit and put a bit of a twist on it. I've kept the sunbursts but put one on the shirt as well as the shorts to add a bit more purple to the kit. The shade of purple I used isn't showing properly on the images I've uploaded (will fix it later!) but I matched it to the 2004 kit. When I get some more time I'd also like to change the collar to a V-neck.

1) With purple trim

2) Without trim

 Coming up next: the Home kit! Appreciate your feedback!



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