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Maia Then

Art Director, Letterer & Calligraphy Rookie




Persuasion by Jane Austen

Hello there! For my first drop cap, I’ve decided to go with one of my favorite books. I went for the “P” from the title of the novel.


After re-reading the novel, because for this project I needed a fresh memory and details, some key words kept popping in my head:

• Aristocracy 

• Navy

• Time

• Family

• Snob

• Debt

• Duty

• Enduring

• Love

• Wait

• Letters

• Pride

• Forgiveness 

• Soul-mates

• Faithful

• Elegant

• kellynch hall



So, I went for “Time” as my key-word, for me it is remarkable that after so many obstacles and years between Frederick and Anne, at the end they stayed true to themselves and each other.

The time is represented by a golden pocket watch that goes around the letter.I also wanted to create an ornamented letter inspired by the letterforms of the time. 

This is the one I picked to be digitalized:

Took this one to illustrator and re-drew the letter as a vector:

In addition to the pocket watch I've also added a few flowers from Anne's beloved kellynch hall.

This is the final cover:



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