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Josh Meneley

iPhone Photography



// Perspectives

All photos were taken with the iPhone 6s and edited with the techniques that Joe showed in his video.

I have chosen these photos to share because it represents both the places I love, and the transition of photography that I am going through from Nature filled to Documentary.


Photo #1 - This is Ellie (aka Eleanor Rigby). One of my favorite places in the world is here in Hood River, OR. I have friends who are basically family that live here, and own the pear orchard (seen in the picture).


Photo #2 - I was driving to visit a friend in Portland, when I noticed the dense fog. I have a weakness for fog, and had to take the next exit to now one of my favorite locations in the West Hills of Portland known as Skyline.


Photo #2 - This was the most recent of the three pictures I have chosen. I have really learned to love portrait and documentary style photography. This was a candid shot of complete strangers at a well known coffee shop in Portland, called Barista.


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