Perspectives - student project

This is the 3rd rendition of the truck. I wanted to work faster, looking at the big shapes and the relationship between elements, so I think the truck is a bit tall. Also, I was trying a fude nib, at the same time, and I struggled with the width of the line. I ended up going back to a regular nib. I'd love to know more about perspective rules for cylinders! (the wheels were not easy).

Perspectives - image 1 - student projectPerspectives - image 2 - student project

The cubes...Perspectives - image 3 - student project

The bookshelves. I got a bit confused with the low vanishing point, but I think it is ok...Perspectives - image 4 - student project

One point perspective : I chose this photo (Teoh, is that in Singapore?) because it reminded me of the old colonial houses in Xiamen, China where I have lived for 7 months. Next, I'll add colors.Perspectives - image 5 - student project

Christine Helary
Aspiring illustrator