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Perspectives of Inspiration Point - Corona Del Mar

I went to Inspiration Point and down to the beach below in the city of Corona Del Mar to take photos for this skillshare class on "Photographing Perspective".

I started at the top of Inspiration Point as I rememebered the view I saw a few months ago when I went there with my friends for the first time. Here is a photo from Inspiration Point of the beach below: 

I stood on a bench, with my hands far above my head in order to get this shot. I love the suns, reflection and the colors are simply beautiful.

After I took a few photos from the top of Inspiration Point I worked my way down to the beach to take my my "Downlow Shot". 

I ended up using this downlow shot because I feel in love with the colors, and how it causes people to look at the foreground more than the background. 

The third photo I took was this self shot: 

In order to get this shot I had to climb on top of a few rocks. I love the contrast of this photo and how there is some ocean water but not too much to take away from the rocky scene. 

The final photograph I took was the tool shot and used an iPhone 5 as the tool:

I love this photo beacause of the colors but also the blur effect that allows the viewer to focus on the display of the iPhone 5 screen to complete the image. It is a simple shot, but adds some personality to the photo. 

All of the photographs taken were taken with an iPhone and edited with VSCO, and SKRWT. I used iPhoto but to only shrink down some of the files for this project. I also used a waterproof phone case for some of these photos, but I wanted to post a photo of a tool you guys could see. 

I hope you all enjoy this Skill Share class project of mine. 

Thank you guys,

- Bailey Seal

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