I never thought of it as a bad thing, life was always like this, I’m used to it, but maybe that's not such a good thing. Maybe I've been looking at this all wrong. Maybe they aren't our friends,“But they’re helping us” I said, how foolish could I have been, how blind. To think they had good intentions.


Maybe they did have good intentions but I’m the one who's blind, perhaps they’re the good guys and I’m just not seeing it. I mean, they are in a position of great power. I don't think that could have been an accident or mistake. But what if they're fixing our society, we are better now, this is what we wanted...right? 

There seems to be many reasons why it would be acceptable but also many reasons why it wouldn't. They are helping us, in some ways, and ruining us in other ways. It all depends on who you are. If i look at this from the perspective of the victim, this would most probably be a terrible thing, but if i look at this from a culprits point of view, this would most probably be a good thing. Maybe that's why it's so difficult for me to have an opinion, because I'm one of the privileged, not a victim nor a culprit, I haven't experienced it and I will not have to for a long time. There are so many opinions and none of them will be heard or cared about. Because people who have power don't give a shit about our opinions.


This is good for me, this is gonna make me happy. Maybe not now, but when all this suffering is over, I'll be perfect. Right now i want to strangle them for doing this to me, but later, soon i'll be happy and perfect and then someone will want me, someone will love me. But it's so painful, i hate it. There is one way to get out of this torture. I could end it all here.


I could kill myself right now, and end it all. I don't care how much it'll hurt, physical pain is nothing compared to this kind of pain. The only thing that's holding me back from jabbing this knife into myself is the hope for a better life after this ends. It'll take a long time, but when it ends, I'll be happy, I'll be accepted, I'll be wanted. That everything i've ever dreamed of. 

This is an impossible choice, either I suffer psychological pain then be freed and happy. Or I can end it and find out for myself what's on the other side, for all I know it could be no better than this life, but I could also live in infinite pleasure. 

I'm going to keep going, I'm gonna keep getting tortured by these imbeciles, then I'll be happy, I'll be perfect, I'll be skinny. I’ll fit into the perfect mold made by our cruel society.


People are like paintings, they’re beautiful and full of colour,  however they also have their set of flaws, but we have the ability to fix those flaws to make the painting perfect. No one wants to walk down the street and see a man with arms the size of twigs, they want to see muscles, they want to see a knight in shining armor ready to protect the damsel in distress. A man should be strong and handsome, like prince charming. And no one wants to go to a store and see a woman with thighs the size of cows, they want to see a delicate beautiful woman with a beautiful face and an hourglass figure. A woman should be fragile, like glass or expensive china.

No one wants to have to take care of a dissabled child, they want a child that can take care of themselves. 

I know what people want, and I also know how to give it to them. Our world will soon be filled with lovely looking people. People say that looks dont matter, but you see, they do. Looks matter as much as intelligence or character does, no many are willing to admit it but, everyone cares about looks. 

Once we’re through, there will be no envy or jealousy, just perfection. No one will ever cry themselves to sleep because their nose or figure isn't perfect, because it will be.

The world is broken and flawed, we will be the saviours and create a utopian world. A perfect world.