Perspective - student project

Hi, I'm Victoria Teasdale and I'm a former life coach and Mum capturing beauty in everyday life.  I'm currently on a 365 day expressive art challenge and photography has been a large part of this so far.  You're welcome to follow along on my Instagram @365ImperfectPerspective - image 1 - student project

I have loved the photography classes here on Skillshare and have loved seeking out different perspectives and compositions.
Perspective - image 2 - student project
With these three photos, I tried to get a mildly moody feel.  I was looking for texture and shadow but didn't want it to be too extreme.  Nor did I want it to be bright and vivid.  I found the cottage photo difficult to achieve this look and feel because the photo was taken in summer and in full sun as opposed to Autumn/Winter.

Perspective - image 3 - student project 

Victoria Teasdale
Digital illustrator, designer & blogger