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Perspective from Buffalo

Hey everybody, the name is James and I'm a computer science major based in Buffalo, NY. When I am not up to my nose in homework, you can find me exploring with my camera. I self-taught myself everything I know and have been into photography for a little under two years, but only got serious in the past year. If you want to find me on social media, hit up the following links:

Instagram: Jayvisual

Tumblr: 8thvisionary

Scale: When people think of One World Trade Center, they think of a never ending skyscraper. I saw this will exploring the streets of NYC one night and thought it was a unique perspective seeing such a landmark appear to be overshadowed by two ordinary buildings.


Light: Taken at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, this day was in the 90's so many people were trying to escape the heat. I was caught up in taking photos of the amazing architecture for awhile here. I turn around to capture to front and the sunlight flowed into the Cathedral's only open door. With the large group of people waiting in the front, along with the man walking towards the light, it seems as if a spirit was with us all.


Color: I mentioned that I am based in Buffalo, NY. Most people overlook Buffalo and continue heading up to Niagara Falls. What people don't know is Buffalo is developing rapidly. The area in the photo used to be a parking lot and the abandoned Buffalo Memorial Auditorium where the Buffalo Sabres played hockey. The vibrance of the color represents that Buffalo is alive and growing and will continue this trend into the near future.


Vanishing Point: Empty subway stations make for great never-ending shots. Not much else to say.


I am always improving and trying new editing techniques. If you have any tips or feedback I would greatly appreciate it!


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