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Perspective Sketch

This has been sitting here for awhile. :/

I chose to go with the bridge underpass / train maintenance bay, mainly just refined the sketch and added more details in the scene. The original sketch is added on the top for reference.

I still need to fix the bridge support beams, and the building in the back on the left looks out of perspective even though I was trying to make it tilt toward the viewer, I'm not sure how to tackle that, or just remove it considering its a background element, and its just hurting the perspective rather than adding too it.



The last few weeks have been absolutely insane, so these are just the three roughs to just get some ideas out there. My brain has been fried so I don't have any solid concepts in terms of architectural design or story, just images and places that I've seen multiple times. 

I tried different PoV's mainly, with the exception of the 3-point design. I need to get a 1-point drawing done at some point hopefully soon.

Top left is a building from Portland, Top right is some sort of MAX train repair station thats located under the I-5 Bridge in Portland, and the bottom left is from the public transportation hub... place.. thing.. in L.A. The figure in that seems a little tall, or the wall too short, and the POV is just a tad tall I think. But I'll see what Matt says.


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