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Perspective Goodness



First, I would like to apologize for being a little late. Second, these videos are wonderful! I have already learned a lot. 

One Point Perspective drawing:

Some cliché railroad tracks, I know. The mountain tunnel thing could probably be grounded better and the tree is kinda in a lame spot, but overall it's alright. In the revison, I might extend the railroad planks over the cliff instead. 

Any suggestions/feedback will be appreciated! I will try to upload two other sketches in the following days for two point and three point (hopefully they will be a bit more interesting). 




I have "fixed" the railroad boards so they extend beyond the cliff and read better. I also adjusted the tunnel entrance. It still doesn't feel quite right, but I will stop fussing for now and move to another sketch. 


Edit 2

As per Kevin's feedback, I have made the tunnel entrance a bit larger and I think it definitely helps!


20 minute 2 Point Perspective sketch 

I wanted to do an ancient ruins/futurey environment but before I relaized, the horizon line was too low to continue.

Ah well. Practice at least. 

I added a quick figure in there and decided I'd make a WIP post. 


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