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Perspectful b-cards

I started a company a few months ago with a friend, and we realized we need business cards ASAP. We both go to a lot of conferences and unforunately/fortunately, people really give a shit about your job title and b-card over here in lovely India.

I love design but have ZERO training in it, so all of my design work is some amalgamation of what I've seen on the web and in real life and what pleases mine own pretty eye.

Here's what I started with:

I sent it to a few designer friends and the feedback I got was "there is no typographical contrast here." WTF is typographical contrast? I typed into the pretty google search bar. Goog told me I needed to change the type, height, weight, and general look and feel between one string of words and the next...

So this is what came next: (The front never changed)

The problem was that the text became really difficult to read once printed on 2 by 2 inch business cards.

And from an ethical standpoint, we decided we didn't want to put titles on our cards- like a big fat middle finger to those who care about titles, you know?


ALL THOUGHTS WELCOME! Let's see how this plays out.

I watched a few of the videos by our awesome Prof- threw some guides in there and tried to align things- since it's all about ALIGNMENT!

The thing about these cards that makes it difficult to follow the advice given- is that the copy is inside of a circle- so it kind of HAS to be center aligned. Any thoughts? I tried moving it all to right aligned and it looked pretty bad.

I took our professor's advice and tried to throw some italics in there. And that good old designer friend of mine told me to design the whole thing zoomed out so I can actually see what it will look like in real life, with the font sizes I'm using. I've also switched the colors on the top two lines, and greyed out "delhi | india" This is what came of it:

Cofounder didn't like the paranthes! And we felt the subtitle was misplaced. And italics aren't our thing. 


We changed it again:


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