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Personally - RSS Reader app

Hi There!

I'm calling my RSS Reader app Personally: the idea behind it is that the content be tailored to the user: by letting them pick categories of feeds to follow, but also further personalizing it and bringing it into their immediate surroundings, by tailoring content to the user's location and weather data (that would be pulled in through their mobile device). I thought this could also be a way to provide a user experience that could potentially make the app feel more personal, by bringing in 'real world' data. Just to explain the idea a bit more as well: the categories of content would be selected by the user, but the specific stories/posts, etc. would be refreshed when the app was opened based on the weather/location of the user's device at that time.

The app starts off by determining the user's location and the weather, to personalize their experience, having the user confirm, and walking them through categories of streams to add.

Next I sketched out rough ideas of what adding social accounts and different feeds would look like

Next, I sketched out what the side navigation would look like. Although I knew I wanted to have the ability to always access feed categories and another button to add feeds and share content, I wanted to add a side nav (on the left) to allow the user to access categories by name, without seeing them in the main content section.

Once clicked into a category, the user would see a list of feeds they subscribed to, with a preview of relevant article content. In the below I also quickly sketched out what the UI of adding a new feed would look like.

Next, I sketched out what looking at a particular feed would look like (I'm thinking of this as an 'article view'). I wanted to optimize the size of photo/media content by making it as big as possible, with the option to read on the original blog/site

Next I sketched out how the add feed/sharing button that exists in the top nav functions. Basically, as soon as a user selects the social channels they want to share to, they see an editable message and an image preview.

Finally, I sketched out the content sections of the app, and thought about how it would function on tablet vs. mobile phone. The app had 3 content sections: A+C are side navigation areas that would expand to fill the frame on a mobile phone, while B is the main content section the user would be able to walk throughthe opt-in process for the app, feed content, etc.

So those are my sketches! I feel like I got the idea down! I'll be back when I have some wireframes :)


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