Personalized Reusable Accessories (pRa)

Personalized Reusable Accessories (pRa) - student project

Always been concerned with the amount of waste created in coffee shops and been interested in ways to minimise waste ... idea for coffee sleeve came to me about 3 years ago but I bypassed it. After some little survey in NYC in 2012, I found that people are actually amenable to a low-cost reusable coffee sleeve and other accessories to boot. So I want to start a small company that will specialize in producing low-cost resuable accessories. My first 2 products will be reusable coffee sleeves and reusable book covers. The idea will be to make a one-szie-fits all for these products and prsonalize them for individuals and small enterprises.

I have drawn and am illustrating my designs but need to learn how to get them from drawing table to product manufacturing ... getting them to be low cost with low volume personalized prouction is the key here ....


PS: Open to partnerships and advisors for this

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