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Personalized Book Plate

Such a great class! Can't wait to add this effect to my new projects.

A Bit About Me...

Hi! My name is Monika Hedman and I am a 17 year old aspiring artist and graphic designer. Because of my age, very few people take me seriously and I have a hard time getting myself out there. Because there aren;t ,any graphic design classes in my area, I rely on skillshare to learn new things. I work hard to make as much work as possible so I can best prepare for the future. I loved this class because I have a small library of art-related and non art-related books accumulating in my studio, and I love the antique and warm look of a personalized book plate. I entered this contest because it would be amazing to be able to stamp my own sihgnature into my books. (you can see some of my work at


My initial inspiration for this was a very standard, line based plate with possibly just initials. I quickly moved away from that, as a simple lettermark does not suit my personality. I decided to make an alice in wonderland themed design because I have always loved the mbook and movies and strongly identify with her character (as odd as it is :) ). Instead of doing Alice herself, I decided to represent the white rabbit, his pocket watch, and the rabbit hole, as they are what start the story. 

I know this is a really long project, but I really like documenting my process, because I feel that oftentimes you can learn from your process more than the finished work.

Some of the images I used for inspiration:

I liked the rabbits in motion, because I felt a static image could not represent the white rabbit, as he is "always running out of time" and is constantly in a rush. I also thought that from a design standpoint, an animal in motion is much more interestign to the viewer. I loved the sense of space and motion felt by the orange one, as the rabbit is jumping through something. I tried to incporperate this into my design using the rabbit hole. (I think I looked through over 100 images, but I though these best illustrated my thought process)




My Favorite: (style reference)


My absolute favorite design that I found was this bear and rabbit. I loved how oragnic it felt, and I thought that it best suited my personality. I chose to create a rabbit in motion, using the style of this designer.

Initial Brainstorming Sketches:

I drew these to brainstorm what I wanted to do for the bookplate. These were my first sketches, and were all very unrelated to each other. I just wanted to explore lots of ideas. (They got a little wrinked on my way home from the coffee shop)


A little more developed brainstorming...

After I decided that I wanted to do something Alice in Wonderland related, I moved away from those super rough sketches and started drawing some rabbits that I could use. I ultimately chose the one that I thought would best fit the style of the bear bookplate from above.


The Final Sketching Process...

I traced the middle-most drawing onto a piece of tracing paper and attached it onto a new page. I kept adding layers of tracing paper and refining the sketch until I got the look I wanted. For the sake of space, I won't post photos of all of the sketches on tracing paper, because there are 9 total layers. The first one of the three I did post is the forst sketch that I put into my notebook (layer 1). The next later is where I began refining the lines and how I would add in some white (layer 4). On layer 3, I experimented with some script font, but I decided it was a little too complicated. The last photo is the final sketch (layer 9). I ended up adding the spades next to my initials because of the Queen of Hearts's playing card soldiers.


Making a Vector File...

Then I had to upload the image into photoshop to make it black and white. This would make it much easier to trace over it in illustrator. 

Initial Photoshop Image:


Once I transferred the photo into illustrator, I oulined the rabbit and spades with the pen tool, and used image trace for the lettering.

Final Illustrator File:


Last but not least.. Making the texture!

From here, I followed your guide on how to add texture to the image. But, I soon ran into some problems that ended up being the longest and most tedious part of the project. Because there are areas of lots of black and areas with thin pieces of black, it was extremely difficult to get the look I wanted with the texture. I had so many different layers with so many different inner glows!



After I managed to get all of the glows the way I wanted them, all I had to do was make the book plate look nice. I couldn't get the splatter-y background to work for some reason.



Some final words...

Thank you so much for making this class! I had a blast making this book plate, and I really hope that you take me into consideration for your contest. Because I am still new to graphic design, any tips would be greatly appreciated :D

Absolutely loved this experience :)



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