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Personality is the brand name. It began as a positive lifestyle as well , we want people to feel like they can be themselves through anyway. One way we feel people can become thereself is through clothing and the way they dress so this is how it started. Personality is Me. We seek out trying to figure out ourselves when truly its found deep within us. Personality is the key to imagination.

We are an untold story of positive and inspirational vibes. Our designs express others Personality and connecting with the brain. We all have the same tools but different ways of using them. We are inspired to bring the world these different visions to life with our lifestyle.

Our logo is the Brain because we feel that Personality can be related to the mind and building off a character. 

We have worked on events where we helped give back to the community. 

"Todays Lesson" 

Inspired by the great Albert Einstien. The design explains Lucid Dreaming and how to open your mind throughout dreams.

A deeper explanation of the design.

"Black Friday" Crewneck 

And our latest collection is here:

Here are some of our previous collections and where our roots began.

New Beginning




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