Personality-Character design

Personality-Character design - student project

Quick sketch for the second preliminary design prompt. On a more 'serious' project I'd research/ reference the pose and details, but this is only very lightly referenced (the hairstyle only) and low-effort, I guess.

Personality-Character design - image 1 - student project

And it follows the sketch for the first prompt. This one I used reference a bit more, the clothing is ref'd from Pintrest, also the cat. The pose is still not referenced, uuups. I decided, since the character is living in Osaka, to put her in more business casual clothing (instead of outdoor-style) since she probably dresses nice for work most of the time. Her interest are present more in the accessoires.

Personality-Character design - image 2 - student project


Superhero-design: So admittedly I struggled with this, since superheroes are not quite my genre. In the end, I took one of my pre-existing characters and turned her into a superhero. She's a scientist (well, more like director of a science/ research institution) so I thought she'd be at least somewhat of a mad scientist type hero. But since she cares a lot about looking 'respectable' and dominant, she would be absolutely wearing an over the top costume that veered right into 'supervillain' territory. As such, she has the safetly glasses + gas mask, also her costume has elements reminicent of a lab coat, but all of it just mutated into spiky endboss villainess aesthetics.

Personality-Character design - image 3 - student project


And on to the character design project.

I chose a character from a horror/fantasy comic idea that I have had problems coming up with a good design for. The character is a re-occuring side character, and I have a lot about the world/ the other characters already worked out.

Personality-Character design - image 4 - student project

I made a mood board for the research portion of the assignment, since I currently don't know any person/ character I would like to base my character on, but the mindmap gave me a few aesthetic inspirations.

(reference/inspiration pictures are not mine, I got them from pinterest)

Personality-Character design - image 5 - student project


From experience I know that I need to get the face/ head drawn first, so I started with that before going on to the anatomy of the body.

Personality-Character design - image 6 - student project


So here are the posture sketches. I already played around a bit with hair style. I wish I'd pushed the gesture a bit more with the third sketch. In general I was aiming for someone who has a more casual posture.

Personality-Character design - image 7 - student project


I skipped the styling step, since I already had a clear idea of the possible different hair styles I wanted to work with. The expressions took me quite a while to draw and work out- I pre-selected twelve expressions that seemed relevant for this character in the story. Since two of the expressions were merged together in the end, I put in the last picture as the character wearing their work gear (which I am currently working on and which will follow later).

I generally envision the character as someone who is somewhat restrained in their emotional expression, with notable exception of the extreme emotions.

Personality-Character design - image 8 - student project

[Emotions: bored, contented, tired, stressed; suprised, annoyed, sad, angry; schadenfreude, laughter, rage, (+Bonus: at work)]

To be continued.

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