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Kenn Lam





I'd like to start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of you, Yuko! Your work is such an inspiration! It really allowed me to simply let myself go when illustrating. The videos have been a tremendous help!

I'd like to wish the great teacher a very Happy Birthday! 

My little journey with the brush started off as a "this might be fun" kind of escapade, but I think it's safe to say that the brush has very much earned a place in my top 3 weapon of choice list. 

After some practice, I realized that my work was a lot more enjoyable if I let my hands go wild, rather than plan every stroke meticulously with the pencil before inking it over.

I think the classic rock music that I was listening to at the time was reflected both in the characters and in the strokes!

feel free to provide me with your feedback! 

I gave myself the challenge of creating a different texture for each "part" of the clothing (in this case, hoodie). I figured it'd be a great practice to stock up on my visual arsernal.

Soft rock & Jazz.

digital coloring. Pushing the idea of "stasis". 


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