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Personal styling website

Description: Website that aids customers in personal styling  


  • Do you primarily differentiate based on content? – Functionality is the primary mode of differentiation, but content will play an increasingly important role in the offering over time  
  • Do you need some custom functionality written? – Yes, it is core
  • Do you need a mobile website? Yes, but this is not necessary in the initial stages
  • Do you need a mobile app? Not initially – later I want to develop one but it is not a must-have at this time.


  • Is it "like another site just with slightly different content"? – No, there are many sites focused on style but very few that are customizable
  • Do you actually have proof that users want what you're building? – yes, I have been conducting market research surveys that indicate a need for styling help


I plan to work with a local developer. My primary focus is on the NYC metro area but I am willing to extend that to the West Coast as well. I don’t really want to work with anyone outside of the US. Searching for developers online is actually more of a last resort for me. I’ve already identified one firm of developers to work on my MVP, but of course I want to “shop around” by price and experience, if only to educate myself about what’s out there. My plan for the next few weeks focuses on:

  • Searching for meetups with programmers in Ruby and Python
  • A work colleague has reached out to a contact on my behalf who has relationships with lots of developers


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