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Personal design logo - student project

I am freelance textile designer. The logo is for my website which is not active yet but displays my work. This is my Old logo  Personal design logo - image 1 - student project  which i strived for simplicity in design. Yet it lacks 

Modifyny is my personal website to showcase me as a Textile Designer mainly and my other skills in fine arts. Bold, Simplicity, vintage, detailed and oragnized choas are the words that i want to represent in my logo.

So far these are the ideas that I have come up with and frankly a lot  closer to being satisfied with representing Modifyny. So i welcome all opinions :)  Personal design logo - image 2 - student project

Personal design logo - image 3 - student project

shade area possibly faded textile pattern.

Personal design logo - image 4 - student project

^^ After hearing some feedback i continued to flush more ideas out and possibly tweak some of the ones that were mentioned. Personal design logo - image 5 - student project I kept the block letters from the last sketch and reworked the flower. Another possible variation would be to shrink the flower and place it as the " O " of course i would resize the flower to a suitable size that still would be good for printing on a business card. Personal design logo - image 6 - student project

I took the suggestion of placing the letters within the jar...i think i would need to see this in illustrator and decide if it is a good idea. I found, it makes a difference when reworking it in illustrator. Personal design logo - image 7 - student project

This concepted popped from my previous lettering and adding smaller elments. I gonna work four variations from this sketch into Illustrator, its finally time to work in there. Still appreciate feedback :)

Finally working in illustrator still got a ways to go but this is my first draft. 

Personal design logo - image 8 - student project

Will post more but as always feedback welcomed :)

Final Update. I have gotten my logo to where I want it to be. Still using the Magnolia just modified.Personal design logo - image 9 - student project

and at last official version.

Personal design logo - image 10 - student project

Elizabeth Burger

Surface Designer, Illustrator and Fine Artist