Personal cookbook (working title)

Personal cookbook (working title) - student project

Personal recipe (name not final) 


<Personal recipe >is a personal cookbook.  Store your recipes with one click and than access them online, on your phone or tablet.

Recipes can be added by bookmarking a website or taking a photo of a cookbook page

It’s like flickr for recipes

More details: 

Online recipes often allow users to store recipes in a folder. Problem is they only work for the specific site. Also you can not add your own content ( e.g. from your cookbook) and it’s not possible to add notes or edit the content.

With <personal recipe>, you have one place to store your recipes from the web, from books, recipes your friends emailed to you…

You can make notes, comments and additions to the recipes.

Minimum viable product:

Users can use a browser plug in to mark a recipe or they can take a photo from their cellphone of a recipe printed and send it to a specific email address.

Recipe will appear in 24 hours in their recipe book.

The recipes will be manually added, using crowdsourcing, to the recipe book in the first phase, no product solution at this point.

Users can edit and comment on recipes and add pictures

Users can tag and categorize the recipes

The mobile version is the web version in a mobile browser shell working on Android and iPhone

  • 100 user limit
  • Users can only save 100 recipes total
  • Support is limited to English language

Product Holes:

Hobby cooks use recipes as inspiration, they are not interested in making notes or edit the content.

Why transcribe the recipes? Why not just save the HTML version and allow users to add comments with notes?

The social aspect is most important and not part of the MVP. Users don’t just want to save for themselves, they want their friends to see

There are already sites that safe webcontent/create clippings (e.g. Evernote), why is one needed specifically for recipes?

The idea for personal recipe book is based on the following assumptions

 Product Holes asumptions

User want to store their recipes from “offline” sources (cookbook, magazines, handwritten notes) in one place that they can access on their computer, cellphone, tablet

The storing and easy usage is more important than the social aspects

Current applications such as Evernote are not the right solution for recipes as they are not optimized for adding offline content and easy recipe navigation


Minimal viable product revised

No website needed

Sign up 100 interested users

-       Users can send bookmarks and pictures to an eMail address.

-       The content of the website or photo is put into a standardized HTML document

-       Use crowdsourcing to create the document from the website or photo.

-       Document is send back to the sender eMail address

-       The user stores the documents in a folder

-       Documents are searchable, tags can be created, ingredients can be added to a shopping list.

Development effort: Standardized HTML format .

Cost: Crowdsourcing for max 5000 documents

Users can only add 50 recipes per user in the mvp phase.

Success metrics:

Are 100 users interested?

Do they use the service after sign up, how many documents are created. Success metric to achieve: 1500 documents after 1 month

User feedback: Would user recommend service? Would user pay for service?