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Elvira Valera

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Personal brand/E logo mark

Hello, my name is Elvira and I am a graphic design enthusiast that is trying to learn as much as posible on logo design. I enjoyed this class very much and I think I am ready to share my first project with you guys.

For this project I decided to create a logo for my personal brand. This logo would represent a tree leaf floating away on a river stream (because of reasons).

As I had never designed a logo before, I started dutifully by putting together a moodboard:


Despite all my googling efforts, I could not find any good reference for what I had in my mind the leaf should look like. Also, I wanted to find a way to represent the water flowing in a way that were self-contained and original. So I only used this moodboad as inspiration and for color picking after the design was done.

So then the doodling began. I did A LOT of sketches, these are some of them:


Nothing fancy, just exploring different possibilities, such app icon, different shapes, etc.

Finally, the eureka moment happened when I decided to use the water shape for depicting my name’s initial, E.


Once I had the final sketch, I moved to illustrator. Long story short, there were anchor points being moved around for several hours, see the process here:





I was not completely happy with the E shape. I wanted to use at least 2 shades of blue to increase the depth and feeling of “water", without compromising the inner E shape. But once I added color, I noticed the inner E did not have a nice “flow”, so I continued moving points around…


And this is my final design. I will probably keep on working on it, because I’m a die-hard perfectionist. But I am satisfied with how it turned out for being my first project.



I want to thank George for this beautiful class and I hope I can continue improving thanks to Skillshare.

Thank you,



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