Personal Work + Mood Board

Personal Work


Portraits are my thing, environmental portraits, I just love photographing people. 

Sebastian Orrego

Tony, Dancer

Blam, Music Artist / Designer (film shot, no edit)

SeanBang, DJ (film shot, no edit)

Boss, the dog with swag.

Andray Blatch of The Brooklyn Nets


Mood Board

My mind been going crazy looking at so many great photographs these past days. Some of my favorite photographers are Nigel Parry, Zach Wolfe, Matthew Salacuse & of course Jonathan Mannion just to name a few.

Photo by Matthew Salacuse

I really enjoy the side ligthing on this shot. Photo by Nigel Parry

Such a simple shot but yet that window light is great. Photo by Nigel Parry

Photo by Jonathan Mannion

To me this photograph is so raw, rich & real. When I photograph anyone I always try my best to get the 3 R's out of my shot. Photo by Zach Wolfe

Photo by Presscott McDonald


Matthew Salacuse :

Zach Wolfe:

Presscott McDonald:

Nigel Parry:

-If you check out Nigel Parry work and like it, He does have some great books out… I personally have "BLUNT", a book full of amazing white & black photographs.

Jonathan Mannion:


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