Personal Website/Learning CSS and HTML

Personal Website/Learning CSS and HTML - student project

4/23/13 2nd Update Today:

Uploaded new theme to wordpress called Clutterless. Cost me $9 but I loved the minimalist design of it. Especially for a blog it works great. Also, it is optimized for mobile devices. The pull out side menu is very slick.

4/23/13 Project Update:

My website is gone! I decided to start over after learning about boilerplates and the wordpress CMS. Turns out you don't have to start from scratch and do everything yourself ;) Hopefully in the next couple of days I will have an operating website created from wordpress, with some of my own javascript and css styling. 

I'll keep everyone posted.

Best, Jared V.

PS- I do recommend heading over to codeacademy for more lessons.

4/22/13 Project Update:

Not much had really been done on the site since enrolling in the class :/ Not that I was procrastinating all that much. Finished the HTML/CSS course over at and I started talking to some folks about design. 

Today I updated the URL to be index.html (thanks Brenton!) and I linked the html page to my style .css page. I wrote some code and... stole... some code to get to where I'm at now! I'll be linking to some javascript soon, uploading some photos, and finishing some links soon. Hopefully then the site will look more complete and I can tweak it going forward. 

Best, Jared