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Jamilah Bruce

Doing the work & keeping the faith.



Personal Website/Blog

I Am Jamilah Bruce is a personal blog that I decided to launch after over a year of failed attempts at starting a blog without clear direction or moving inspiration to inspire regular content. On 1st January 2015, it hit me what I want to blog about, over the course of 2014 my life has changed and evolved in many different ways and I now want to take control of where I am and push into a new direction for 2015, I want to document that journey on What J Did Next including musings, fashion picks, styling, lifestyle updates, cooking & DIY projects.

Reasons for blogging: a mix of business and personal, mainly personal though

  • Create a web presence
  • Express thoughts and ideas
  • Document personal journeys and experiences
  • Share experiences to inform and inspire others
  • Creative outlet
  • Increase business contacts
  • Earn money
  • Create a portfolio for the fashion industry to accompany my creative CV

Demographics (Quanitative traits)

  • Female
  • 16-25 years old
  • Students going into entry level careers
  • Limited disposable income E.g. Under £200 Per Calendar Month
  • UK-Based
  • Looking for beauty, fashion & lifestyle inspiration
  • Social media-savvy - accesses content via smartphone, iPad and laptop


  • Personality/Attitude: Stylish, modern and fun, often makes others laugh but can be quite selfish
  • Believes in: Hard work, feeling great, having a positive outlook 
  • Values: Independence, health, great personal and professional relationships
  • Interests: likes fashion blogs, photography, creative industries and reading books
  • Lifestyle: Fast-paced, starting out their career - works long hours to prove themselves and their personal life is affected because of it

Primary Audience: "Layla" is a 23 year old visual communication graduate with a keen interest in fashion photography. She works at Topshop on the shop floor and interns with graphic design studios and fashion companies to gain industry experience while she decides what she wants to do as a career. She is purpose driven, but she is yet to find her purpose in life that she is passionate about. She doesnt have a serious boyfriend, but has been seeing a boy called "Jon" since she was studying at university in Leeds. She likes to google absolutely everything to feed her insatiable curiosity and she enjoys reading recipes and experimenting in the kitchen when she gets the time. She has put on weight since leaving university and wants to regain her confidence so has been trying to re-invent her image with limited disposable income.


Secondary Audience: "Molly" is a 19 year old journalism undergraduate living away from home with a zest for life, she loves going out with friends, clubbing and travelling around the UK and Europe. She has limited disposable income and like experimenting with makeup and updating her wardrobe on a budget. She follows celebrity style, and trends. She searches instagram, tumblr and youtube for inspiring hair and makeup tutorials that she can do herself that are budget friendly and she often goes on vintage shop hauls to update her wardrobe. She isnt currently seeing anybody seriously but she is communicating with some boys off her course on Snapchat and through what's app. After university, she would like to work within fashion and beauty journalism.


Tertiary Audience: "Kate" is a 30 year old digital marketer, who has just come out of a serious relationship, she is hurting but knows that it was for the best and wants to start dating soon. She enjoys finding healthy new recipes online and looking for interesting new products. She has £400 disposable income per month and lives alone in London. She goes to the gym every evening after work and is curious to find out more about online dating to meet a prospective new partner. She likes going out to wine bars and travelling with friends.


Blog Style

  • Informal - Unprofessional = Chatty
  • Informative - Boring = Engaging
  • Funny - Facetious = Humorous
  • Honest - Brutal = Credible
  • Contemporary - Imitative = Fresh


  1. Gain 100 blog followers/subscribers by the end of the year
  2. Post a minimum of once per week
  3. Write 1 post per month reflecting on the progress of life/weight-loss place from the previous month
  4. Gain at least 100 twitter follows by the end of the year from the blog posts

Brand Statement

IAmJamilahBruce is a personal, friendly, and down-to-earth blog focused on providing lifestyle content to wannabe health-junkies, DIY fashionistas, and culture-addicts so that others can be inspired to make positive changes to their own lives and fulfil their goals leading to a happier future. 

Why are we doing this?

  • To inspire others
  • To become an industry expert and learn by teaching
  • To act as a centralised online hub for self-branding
  • To create an online presence and digital following

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, I plan to: 

  • Post at least one progress post per month
  • Post one recipe post per week
  • Collaborate with other bloggers and expand my social network


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