Personal Website (HTML & CSS class)

Personal Website  (HTML & CSS class) - student project

1/22/2013 - So I finally put together my actual website project.  I've worked in various administrative roles throughout my work career and have loved specifically working with start-ups.  I know how when people are first starting out smaller tasks can be easily forgotten.  My site is a way for new start-ups to find me to help with any kind of administrative assistance they might need, hourly, in the beginning.  (As an aside, please ignore the heinous logo I have up for now, I just needed a place holder. Here's the HTML bones for my site so far: SF Gal Friday

1/15/2013 - This is the first code challenge for the HTML & CSS class I'm enrolled in.  I'm not a programmer but I'm pretty darn proud of my first site, so far. :)  I used the first code challenge to create a site about my wedding.  You can check out my 3 page code challenge here (no longer up, because it's been updated. I used DropBox to share the link, let me know if you want to do the same and don't know how.

I'm still hashing out my final website idea, so until then I'm going to be practicing with just fun random stuff.

I also used what we learned about unordered lists in my latest food blog, you can check it out here: BiCoastalBites

1/17/2013 - Just completed the 2 Code Challenge.  My table is kind of dinky because I couldn't think of anything to really put in it.  My Form looks ah-maz-ing, and my iframe was a cake walk.  I'm loving this!  I better figure out what I really want to build so I can start using these new skills on something more exciting than a wedding album/site. :)  Check out the new and improved project here.