Personal SuperLearning Goals

1. By October 31, 2015, I would like to have refreshed and depthened my Spanish language skills to the point that I once again speak, read, and write fluently enough to pass the City of Austin Employees' language skills examination, improving my value--and as a result, my compensation--in the workplace.

2. Starting by September 30, 2015, I plan to read at least 3 books weekly through the end of the year. Specifially, I'd like to tackle a list of "Books to Read" I've been putting off for several years.

3. I want to spend at least twice as much time weekly learning (enjoying literature, studying languages or topics of interest, reading the news, developing skills like calligraphy or African Dance) as I do watching television.

4. I want to master spoken Mandarin by December 9, 2015 and written Mandarin by June 30, 2016 because my months in China were so meaningful, and I don't want to lose what little Chinese language skills I've retained.

5. I want to comfortably read at 1200 wpm with 90% comprehension; I expect to go back to school in the coming years, and I've been afraid of the workload in additionto a full-time job, but I'm equally fearful of incurring more debt in student loans. I want to pursue my education and self-improvement with confidence.


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